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The process flow: learners go through theory and practical training, attending modules in line with their qualifications’ curriculum.

The learners are attached to an employer, whom they can change during the duration of the learnership. They are provided with the logbook. At their workplaces, they can have one or more logbook evaluators depending on their organisation’s policy. They will have full exposure to the areas on the logbook. Areas are signed off once the evaluator/assessor approves there are competent in that particular area.

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Revert Logbook - AMS Product
Revert Logbook - AMS Product


  • Reduced costs: eLearning is cost effective compared to traditional ways/forms of learning.
  • help in retaining information for a longer time.
  • Less impact on environment: eLogbook/eLearning is a paperless way of learning, it protects the environment, it is an eco-friendly way of learning.
  • Easy communication and improved teamwork
  • Users receive alerts, notification email if a new submission has been made.
  • The system can be accessed anytime, anywhere, where there is internet connection.
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