Secure online exams, done right

Online examination solution that adapts to your assessment needs. Create, schedule and publish formal and practice examinations with full control of registration, attendance and payment workflow. Manage assessors, candidates, proctors, moderators and surveys. Remote monitoring of your candidates in real-time through audio, video and screen cast. Out-of-the-box candidate to proctor(invigilator) instant messaging (chat), audio and video calling without installing additional plug-ins or third-party software

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What is Lucid Exams?

An end-to-end online examination solution with all the "bells and whistles". It provides complete exam solutions, including exam setup, excellent proctoring, communication, surveys, assessments and certification.

With transparency in online exams, you can identify and discourage academic dishonesty during remote assessments. We have integrated with artificial intelligence to recognise unusual movements, sounds, and behaviours to help you maintain integrity of your examinations.

What does Lucid Exams offer you? Why should you choose Lucid Exams?

  • AI-Assisted remote proctoring
  • Al-based anti-cheating
  • Exam management
  • Candidate management
  • Candidate portal
  • Registration and payments workflow
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Certifications and certficates
  • Data security with multifactor