Features you can enjoy when signing up

Multi Content type support

We support several media types - video, presentations, documents, audio. You can also reuse content already uploaded on other platforms


Create evaluations for a course and choose if its optional or mandatory for learners. You can then issue certificates based on the assessment outcome using a preset score that the learner has to achieve

Targeted learning

Assign courses to departments, by job title or chosen set of individuals. Set due dates for course completion with reminders so you can stay on top of things

Easily create courses, structure content and publish

With an intuitive course authoring process, you can easily create a course, arrange or group you content into modules or chapters, Specify prerequisites, publish and unpusblish training as you see fit.

Resource sharing within your company

Bring your word documents, powerpoint presentations and other electronic documents onto the platform by uploading them as resources.
This helps you share knowledge across the organisation without the need to create lengthy courses

Reports and dasboard

Measure engagement through reports and an informative dashboard to give you the overal Training and Development status using vivid graphs and downloadable reports for further analysis